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Welcome to our blog.

We have decided to watch through the Top 100 films of the noughties, as ranked by the Times.  You can have a look at the list here, and maybe join in if you want.

It is quite an eclectic mix of films, and we have very different tastes in films.  You can see our thoughts on movies below:

Tom I’m a bit of a film nerd, own hundreds upon hundreds of DVDs and read film magazines every month.  I’m the kind of guy that actually listens to the commentaries on DVDs!  I love horror films – especially the 80s – and am into cult films.  My favourite films include Pulp Fiction, Dawn of the Dead, Goodfellas, Leon, Aliens, Terminator, Evil Dead, Nightmare on Elm Street, This Is Spinal Tap and so forth.

Tierna I’m the opposite to Tom in the sense that I really don’t take film watching very seriously. I enjoy watching a good comedy after a busy day for a bit of light relief  & like watching a chick flick here and there. I’m not a fan of blood & gore but appreciate a good thriller. I love anything that’s creatively done; perhaps a low budget movie or something experimental. Some of my favourite films I’ve seen recently are Etre Et Avoir (which will eventually feature in our top 100), 500 days of summer and the amazing animation effects in Avatar.

We’re planning on watching each of the films, starting at 100 and working our way right through to number one. This could take a while!

Oh… and by the way, we made the banner on the homepage ourselves.


11 responses to “about this blog

  1. Sounds like a lot of movies still to go =) not sure I would mannage all 100 of them.

  2. Great Stuff Guys!!!I m too myself a Movie Buff and i watch atleast 3 movies a day and 7-10 on weekends…The movie list u made is really amazing and i m gonna watch all movies u have in ur 100 list

    • Hi Nirbhay! Glad to hear you’re enjoying the blog, we’ll be watching another one very soon. I’m amazed at how many movies you watch; at that rate, you’ll finish our list before us! Be sure to let us know what you think of each film and we’ll see if our comments match up!

      There’s a wee blog subscription button on the home page which will send you an email each time we update the list, it’ll make it easier for you to track our watching.

      Thanks for checking in & be sure to keep us posted


  3. Brilliant idea!! I’ll try to see as many of these as possible too, that you rate highly

    • Hey Jacob!

      Thanks for the post. We’d love if you joined in, even if it is just the good ones!! We’re having fun watching them; haven’t done too many recently but just about to add another good ‘un


      Tierna & Tom

  4. Should be funny when Tierna sees Irreversible LOL

  5. I’m somewhere between Tom and Tierna. I also enjoy commentaries in the disc’s extra features, I also like small indies and foreign films, but I don’t watch horror (enough real horror in real life) or chick flicks.

    Stumbled onto this website reading about “Yi Yi” (liked a lot) on IMDB.

    http://www.stevenkohn.net/DesertedIslandMovies/kohn%27s_deserted_island_movies.htm has my own movie favorites. Maybe it’ll expand your horizons, as you’ve expanded mine.

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