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47. My Summer of Love

Mona, a poor tomboy who lives with her violent born-again christian brother, meets Tamsin, a rich girl from a distant family who is seeking adventure, and they embark on a summer-long relationship.

What Tierna thinks: “I wasn’t very captivated by this one. It’s a bit controversial in parts yet despite this, the story didn’t get a grip of me. Two girls lived a pretty miserable existence before they met & found ‘solace’ in each other for the duration of a summer.  Their relationship & the relationships around them all turn out to be a bit of a farce.  It’s watchable but I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it (unless you like a good ol’ lesbian story). I will rate this a six out of ten. I really wasn’t fussed!

What Tom thinks: “I actually didn’t mind this film.  Bit surprised it made it onto any kind of list like this – it’s not really strong enough in any department to warrant being ranked one of the best films of the last decade although perhaps it’s included because it’s British – but it’s not a bad film.  I’d probably normally give this the same score as Tierna, but I’ll add on an extra mark and give it a seven out of ten as it has lesbians 🙂 ”

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52. The Constant Gardener

52. The Constant Gardener

Thankfully Alan Titchmarsh and Charlie Dimmock are nowhere to be seen in Fernando Meireles’ follow up to City of God, an African-set thriller starring Ralph Fiennes as a British diplomat trying to find the motives behind the death of his wife Rachel Weisz.

What Tierna thinks: “I’m glad this wasn’t based on a true story although I suspect it’s based on a lot of realities. The two main characters are people we can believe in; the film follows their romance yet there’s a strong focus on the corruption and conspiracies surrounding their lives. I’ll give this a nine out of ten. I really liked this one.”

What Tom thinks: “City of God is the highest rated film on our list (so far) and so you would expect Fernando Meireles’ follow up to be good… and it kinda is although not in the same league.  Have to admit I didn’t really think of seeing this when it came out purely because of its name, silly but true.  It’s a bit slow at times but an all-round intelligent film and well shot.  I’ll give it an eight out of ten.”

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63. There Will Be Blood

63. There Will Be Blood

In Paul Thomas Anderson’s 2007 drama, Daniel Plainview (Daniel Day Lewis) is an oil man at the turn of the 20th century on a ruthless quest for wealth and success.

What Tierna thinks: “If it wasn’t for this list, the title of this film would have put me off. However, I’m glad I have seen it. The ending can only be described as a brutal frenzy (which had me hiding behind Tom… asking what was happening). I still don’t know how to feel about Daniel, the lead character as he’s tragic yet brutal. I’ll give this film an eight out of ten.”

What Tom thinks: “This possibly wasn’t at the same level as some of Paul Anderson’s earlier films, but then again it is difficult to match classics such as Alien vs Predator, Mortal Kombat and Resident Evil.  Oh wait, wrong one… ha ha.  Seriously, this is a good film with some great performances.  The ending was totally out of blue (similar to Magnolia) but is a classic scene.  This gets very mixed reviews on iMDB (despite wide critical acclaim) but it’s a good film and i’ll give it an eight out of ten.”

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73. The Beat That My Heart Skipped

73. The Beat That My Heart Skipped

2005 French film about a young real estate thug who is torn between living a life of crime and fulfilling his promise as a concert pianist.

What Tom thinks: “I quite enjoyed this.  It was a real clash of worlds – the lead character goes between beating people up, sleeping with women and playing classical music on the piano!  Romain Duris was good as Tom – I’ve seen it mentioned that he’s a bit like a young De Niro in Mean Streets and that’s a pretty good description.  I’ll give it a seven out of ten.”

What Tierna thinks: “Romain Duris was quite the multitasker in this film and a bit of a bad boy too. It isn’t the most captivating film in the world but it’s certainly a decent watch. For that reason I’ll give it a seven out of ten.”