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47. My Summer of Love

Mona, a poor tomboy who lives with her violent born-again christian brother, meets Tamsin, a rich girl from a distant family who is seeking adventure, and they embark on a summer-long relationship.

What Tierna thinks: “I wasn’t very captivated by this one. It’s a bit controversial in parts yet despite this, the story didn’t get a grip of me. Two girls lived a pretty miserable existence before they met & found ‘solace’ in each other for the duration of a summer.  Their relationship & the relationships around them all turn out to be a bit of a farce.  It’s watchable but I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it (unless you like a good ol’ lesbian story). I will rate this a six out of ten. I really wasn’t fussed!

What Tom thinks: “I actually didn’t mind this film.  Bit surprised it made it onto any kind of list like this – it’s not really strong enough in any department to warrant being ranked one of the best films of the last decade although perhaps it’s included because it’s British – but it’s not a bad film.  I’d probably normally give this the same score as Tierna, but I’ll add on an extra mark and give it a seven out of ten as it has lesbians 🙂 ”

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81. In The Loop

81. In The Loop

A spin-off from the BBC comedy series ‘In The Thick Of It’, In The Loop follows UK and US government officials as they aim to either promote or stop a war that the Prime Minister and President have decided they want to launch in the Middle East.

What Tom thinks: “I’ve never seen the TV show this is based on, but i’m definitely thinking of checking it out having seen this.  Enjoyed this film a lot – very similar humour to Alan Partridge, The Day Today etc (as you would expect given that Armando Ianucci created it).  Characters were great and the dialogue and story very funny, needed this after the boredom of Yi Yi.  Good stuff!  I’ll give it an eight out of ten.”

What Tierna thinks: “This one is good for a laugh. It’s a lottery funded film and while it doesn’t feel high budget, they’ve done a cracking job with the story. There are some characters in particular which I found hilarious and certainly make this film worth watching! I’ll give it a seven out of ten. Nicely done!”