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Update: 60-51

Update: 60-51

Highest rated films so far: City of God (9.5 ave) – Pan’s Labyrinth, Memento (9.0) – Control, Shaun of the Dead, The Constant Gardner (8.5)

Lowest rated films so far: Morvern Callar (3.5 ave) – Time and Winds, Yi Yi (4.5) – Spirited Away (5.0)

Tom’s thoughts: “It’s taken a while to get through the 50s but we’ve reached the half way point!  Yay!!  The 50s have actually been a really strong group of films with no poor ones.  Shawn of the Dead is one of my favourite films so always good to watch.  Bad Santa and Chopper are both very entertaining.  And The Constant Gardner is a good thriller that has crept into our top films as well.  There’s some good films to come in the 40s as well.”

Tierna’s thoughts: “I really enjoyed watching this batch of films, even if we did take our time over them! I have awarded many eight out of ten scores in this batch, perhaps we’ll hit a ten in the near future. I’ve already recommended ‘The Squid & The Whale’ to lots of friends and I’ll be adding ‘The Son’s Room’ to my DVD collection in the near future. No complaints this time around so bring on the 40’s!”


56. Volver

62. Volver

Volver is a Spanish film about Raimunda, her daughter Paula and her sister Sole.  While Raimunda tries tries to deal with the dead body of her husband, who tried to sexually assault Paula, Sole must also figure out how to deal with the apparent resurrection of her dead mother.

What Tierna thinks: “I had watched this before but I enjoyed it more this time around. It was definitely one of the best of our foreign films so far. It’s a typically Spanish film; an element of the after life colliding with the living. The storyline was gripping and often unexpected although some of the story is quite common to many Spanish films I’ve watched. A good film and I’ll give it an eight out of ten.”

What Tom thinks: “We’ve had quite a few slow and boring foreign films on this list (as well as quite a few awesome ones I may add) and this was a prime candidate to be another.  Alas, it was not and is a pretty entertaining movie.  The story of the mother leaves the viewer guessing through most of the film – is she dead or isn’t she – and all in all it was fairly enjoyable.  I’ll give it a seven out of ten.”

Up next: Chopper

Update: 70-61


Highest rated films so far: City of God (9.5 ave) – Pan’s Labyrinth, Memento (9.0) – Control (8.5)

Lowest rated films so far: Morvern Callar (3.5 ave) – Time and Winds, Yi Yi (4.5) – Spirited Away (5.0)

Tom’s thoughts: “With Tierna busy with her final year of uni its taken a while to get through the 60s but they’re done now!  There’s also been a heavy focus on foreign films in this ten.  The latest ten have included some immense films such as City of God, Memento and There Will Be Blood.  It’s also included the film which has proved to be most controversial – Spirited Away – with quite a few comments disagreeing with us.  Still, here’s to the next ten!”

Tierna’s thoughts: “There were a lot of foreign language films in this batch; enjoyable but not ‘easy watching’ as such. I think Memento was the most memorable film in this lot & I’d watch it again. I’ve seen a few of the next lot & I’m looking forward to hearing what Tom thinks of Etre Et Avoir!”

Update: 80-71


Highest rated films so far:  Pan’s Labyrinth (9.0 ave) – Control (8.5) – Lantana, School of Rock, The Orphanage, About Schmidt, Bowling for Columbine (8.0)

Lowest rated films so far: Morvern Callar (3.5 ave) – Time and Winds, Yi Yi (4.5)

Tom’s thoughts: “We’re getting well into the list now and the 70s have been very strong.  Pan’s Labyrinth is a classic (which we’ve scored highest so far) and Control was really good too.  There actually haven’t been any bad films in the last ten either, they’ve all been at least alright.  Looking forward, I can see some more classics in the next ten… along with some totally random films I’ve never heard of.  Only on this list!”

Tierna’s thoughts: “The ten previous to this set were at times a chore to watch. For 80-71 however, they kept me entertained and I looked forward to watching each of them! I’m excited to see what the rest of the movies have in store”

Update: 90-81


Highest scoring films (90-81): School of Rock, The Orphanage (8.0 average)

Highest scoring films (overall): Lantana, School of Rock, The Orphanage (8.0 average)

Lowest scoring films (90-81): Time and Winds, Yi Yi (4.5 average)

Lowest scoring film (overall): Morvern Callar (3.5 average)

Tom’s comment: “Another ten films down and a mix of good (School of Rock, Orphanage) and bad… well boring (Time and Winds, Yi Yi).  We’ve yet to see any truly exception films, but there’s definitely at least one in the next ten.  Keep reading to see which one!”

Tierna’s comment: “This batch of films has been as random and obscure as the last. Lantana and School of Rock are the ones that stick in my mind the most so far and would certainly recommend them. Still loving working our way through the list and looking forward to the next ten. Be sure to keep posting your own thoughts on the blog & films, they’re always fun to receive!”

85. The Piano Teacher

85. The Piano Teacher

A cocky young pianist falls for his uptight piano teacher, but gets more than he bargained for when she turns out to be a sexually-depraved, sado-masachist.

What Tom thinks: “What an odd film.  Where else would you see a French film with self-harm, hardcore sex and a healthy dose of incest.  I’ve never seen a film like this but I have to say, i quite enjoyed it!  Oh dear, what does that say about me.  Anyway, i’ll give it a seven out of ten.”

What Tierna thinks: “This film was pretty twisted and highly uncomfortable. So much so that I had to laugh at its insanity.  It wasn’t like anything I’ve ever seen before; I do wonder what was going on in that directors head. Crazy! I’ll give this a six out of ten.”

Update: 100-91

Highest scoring film: Lantana (8.0 average)

Lowest scoring film: Morvern Callar (3.5 average)

Tom’s comment: “Some good films in the first 10 – Lantana, Battle Royale and Sympathy for Lady Vengeance were the best for me.  There’s hasn’t been any classics yet though!  Looking forward to the next ten.”

Tierna’s comment: “I think these are fair scores. Morvern Callar was dull and poorly written while Lantana kept me engrossed from start to finish. In saying that though, Crash certainly deserves a mention and would rank 2nd for me! 10 down…90 to go. Bring it on!”