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51. The Son’s Room

51. The Son's Room

Giovanni, an Italian psychoanalyst who has to listen to the rambles of his patients every day, struggles to come to terms with the death of his young son in a diving accident.

What Tierna thinks: “I’d definitely recommend watching this; we had put it off a few times as you really need to concentrate more on subtitled films (Lazy? Perhaps!) but I’m glad we finally found time.  The acting is very believable in this and the family interact naturally with each other, making the son’s death more poignant. The letter that arrives after the death of Andrea seems to bring some sort of comfort to the family and it ultimately has an uplifting ending. A well deserved eight out of ten from me.”

What Tom thinks: “So its been a while since our last film and our first of 2012 was… alright.  It has to be said it’s fairly depressing and, particularly given that its subtitled, not a film I’d be particularly wanting to watch again.  But a fairly good film with a believable reaction from the family after Andrea’s death which shows how difficult death can be.  A six from me.”

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57. The Consequences of Love

57. The Consequences of Love

Le Conseguenze Dell’Amore is an Italian psychological thriller about a lonely and secretive man who befriends a beautiful young waitress in the hotel he lives in and has a run in with the mafia.

What Tierna thinks: “A good film, not memorable as such but certainly very watchable. The car crash scene seemed oddly placed to me as it changed the course of the final days of his life yet it didn’t ‘fit’ for me.  When watching the film the ‘consequences of love’ didn’t jump out at me as such. Looking back on the story now while thinking of it in the context of the movie title makes it all make much more sense. It left me a bit confused but it’s well written and for that reason I’ll give it an eight out of ten.”

What Tom thinks: “We’re finally back after taking a few months break now that Tierna has finished her degree.  This was a pretty good film to get back into the list with.  The first hour or so of the film its almost difficult to guess what is actually about – Titta Di Girolamo is like a dour Larry David who merely ‘exists’ in the hotel he lives in until he finally starts to talk with Sofia and then the story starts to pick up.  A well made film that I thought was good but not great, this gets a seven out of ten.”

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